The Science Wizard
Video Library!

Below are video clips from several different parties and events. Click on each image to see the video, and click on the hyperlink above it to see its corresponding page.

Spoiler Alert!! These clips include surprises that the birthday child might not want to see before the show!
Elephants Toothpaste from Foam Explosions!

Bubbling Fountain from display tables for a corporate picnic! This is also part of Magic Potions Power Bonus.
Polymers from a corporate picnic! This is also included in Super Cool Chemistry and Wizard's Laboratory.

Outdoor segment of Ultra Rockets, from Winds of Merlin.

SUPERFREEZE Power Bonus! (Liquid Nitgrogen)
These are SO COOL!!
Smokey Bears!

How many balloons??
A group of kids enjoying some experiments from a birthday party!

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